This personal site was created to share with you my obsession –  painting in oil.

You may read the basic personal information on the pages of this site.

But its cardinal part is the Virtual Gallery of my works, of course. Each of them is like a child. Most of these children have grown up and settled down in other families and I have only their photos as a memory. Others are still growing up and going to leave their father.

Nevertheless, there are a lot of unrealized ideas inspired by my job, family, friends, favorite music.

No matter whether you are a professional art collector or an amateur, if you purchase a canvas or dump a file on hard drive of your computer. The main thing is that you are interested in the great art of painting in oils that lets us soar over daily routine and fill our soul with lofty and clear feelings.

Let me hope that you, my visitor, share my reflections. In this case I wish you spend long nice minutes and may be hours, surfing this site.

Recent artwork

40 х 60, canvas/oil, 2014

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Giclee is a name for fine art digital prints on canvas or paper made on inkjet printers, providing high-quality printing.

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