Still life

Flowers I consider to be the most interesting and complicated

subject for rendering in still-life genre. Fantasy here stretches far beyond your imagination. The most important thing in depicting flowers to my mind is preliminary and preparatory work. First of all you have to arrange a bunch of flowers itself and spotlight it properly and then miracles begin again. Plants and flowers are imbued with various foreshortenings, complicated rhythmics and form entwinement, unexpected (delicate) color gradations, correlation of color and texture peculiarities. And when vase glass, water, light and dorsal add up here, the production becomes a some kind of an iridescent kaleidoscope of color and pattern.

Trying not to ponder over the rendering too much, but just applying some lines, dabs, various strokes of paint-brush, you create some sort of a color mishmash – of course being constantly aware of the nature study – and then all of a sudden you realize that the outlines of the pictorial bouquet start emerging from that chaos of these omnifarious elements. As a rule, it happens unexpectedly even to me. At this very moment you feel the flowers wake and this is exactly what flower rendering is about.

So, I would call the flower rendering some kind of a miraculously intriguing and dazzling process. Although I am frequently not quite satisfied with the result, every time I turn to this subject and try to mirror life through flowers and to fill the canvas with the freshness of their breath I feel immeasurable pleasure nevertheless.

And, of course due to the fact that the main admirers of my flower canvases are women, it’s twice as pleasurable for me to do my best to delight the eye of the gentler sex.

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