Printing Giclee

Giclee is a name for fine art digital prints on canvas or paper made on inkjet printers, providing high-quality printing.

Giclee is almost a perfect copy of a painting. Its popularity in our country is just revving into gear. While in the West this phenomenon has acquired truly epic proportions. Giclee is not only collected, exhibited in the museums or acquired for home decoration, but it is also used for interior design in offices, hotels, clubs or restaurants as well as a memorable date present.

In order to get a high-quality print you have to get a high-definition digital shot of the original artwork. This article is illustrated with the example of this shot. Pass the mouse on top of the picture and you would be able to see the high definition of this photograph. Unfortunately, earlier works are devoid of similar quality files as technology at that time wasn’t that sophisticated, and the works themselves currently belong to private collections.

On the next stage this shot is transferred to the natural or artificial canvas with the help of hi-tech equipment that ensures scanning of more than 16 million colors. This wide color range with the help of infinitesimal ink drops of various sizes allows to reproduce tiniest details and duplicate chiaroscuro, character and the dab texture.

The final stage of giclee creation involves – at the wish of the customer – manual paint application in order to achieve full compliance with the original picture, as well as the hand-lettering with obligatory indication of size circulation and its identification number. As a rule circulation size is about 50-100 copies. This makes the copy more valuable and unique.

In case you get interested with the opportunity of obtaining a similar reproduction you can address the author through the feedback or book it personally on the website FineArtAmerica.

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