A few words about some of my most congenial genres. Passion for travelling is

not alien to me as– I am deeply convinced - to most people in the world. An opportunity to travel around the world and experience things that surround you is the summit of happiness. While visiting different countries and cities it is curious to watch the tide of life in both huge metropolitan cities and tiny villages with their own unique lifestyle, habits, weather and character. And of course, the impressions that I get I try to preserve not only in my memory – I want to share them with other people. By force of my profession – which is an artist – it’s quite logical and natural that my preferred way of communication with people is through my paintings.

In my paintings I try to avoid threadbare post-card landscapes. The most important thing for me is to render the spirit, the atmosphere of the city or the town without resort to recognizable architectural objects, though of course, they are almost impossible to do without. My primary objective is to render through my paintings smells, sounds, the warmth or coolness of the walls of urban buildings, the freshness of the air after the rain, the glimmer of night lights – all the feelings and impressions that linger in our souls and make us indulge in sweet memories.

Quite a tall order, particularly, for a fine art. It’s hard to imagine how it is possible to render the flavor of wine you might have tasted in a local hideaway for instance, or some authentic viand. But it is quite possible to make beholders spark emotions similar to mine when I was witnessing that beauty. Had a person been to that place he or she would remember the sensations, if not – it would be possible to imagine or dream about that, and should the visualization prove to be a bit flawed – well, I hope the flaw wouldn’t be critical. To put it in a nutshell, the more you immerse yourself in urban landscape genre the wider horizons stretch in front of you.

The best confirmation of the fact that I am successful in this genre is the comment of one of the spectatrix of my paintings who said: “It feels as though You were walking together with us along the cities that You depicted”

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